How can I have informations and book your service?

After arranging through telephone or email, we will fix a meeting to discuss about the desired service. If you can’t, we can agree about everything through telephone, email or video-call. (We prefer a face-to-face approach to establish a harmonious relationship with the clients).

What is the photo package?

- One or more photographers during all the event, without photo or time limits.
- We will be with you since the preparation until the cake cutting and beyond.
- 800/1000 digital photos in HD.
- Basic post-production of all the images.

Is the photobook included in the package photo?

No, the photobook is an extra service with a price that depends on the format and on the choice.

How many pictures can a photobook have?

You could choose from several album types and sizes. We suggest to don’t exaggerate on the quantity, so you can have a full-page photo. Usually, are chosen about 150 photos.

What is the video package?

- At least 2 video-operators with full HD videocameras and reflex without video limits.
- We will be with you since the preparation until the moment you desire.
- Complete coverage of the day + coming soon + wedding trailer, all this in Full HD.

What are Coming soon and wedding trailer?

Usually, before the delivery, we publish on our social networks (by agreement) a short video duration of 2 minutes that retraces all the most important moments before the ceremony. This means that “we’re almost”.
Also the “Wedding trailer” is a short video duration of 4 minutes that retraces all the emotional moments of the entire day.

How much video/photo operators will be there for the work?

Operators’ number depends on the package choice.
The video operators will be always at least two, but for the photos you can ask to have only one photographer.
For a better result we suggest a minimum number of two photographers, so we could capture also the most hidden moments and emotions.

How do you work on the wedding day?

We are on time and precise but we leave total freedom to the bridegrooms. We’ll work to catch the most beautiful and spontaneous moments of that day, without obliging to posing. The reason is to guarantee a result as much as possible natural. For the same reason, we don’t use artificial lights unless it’s necessary.

How will you deliver your work?

Everything will be delivered in 3 equal cases, of which 2 are thought for parents.
The box includes 2 dvds with full-HD photos and videos, respectively (one or the other, depending on the package). We can also bring you the work on a pendrive USB with customized cover.

When must I contact you for book the service?

When you want, but sooner we talk better it’s, depending on the availability. We suggest you to contact us 10/12 moths before the Big day.

How long will it take to have the finished work?

Waiting times are from 6 until eight months.

Do you work only in Tuscany?

Our catchment area is Valtiberina, between Tuscany and Umbria but we don’t have any limits. We’re available to move abroad too.